Deeping St James Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 29th August 2019

In the Open Forum it was reported that SKDC Culture Committee is working at opening up the festivals held in the four towns to a wider audience. Also SKDC continues to hold a healthy level of reserves of £28 million as at 31 March 2019, for the General Fund. Within this figure is a specific allocation of £1.5 million to deal with any unforeseen fluctuations in annual expenditure. In terms of the annual accounts audit inspection, the council received a positive opinion for the last financial year, and fully expect a positive value for money opinion to be presented to the next Governance and Audit Committee meeting on 25 September.

Following the heavy storms and recent flooding members were pleased to be told that local flood defences are designed to protect the area for the next 100 years.

After many months of hard work a “Four Year Strategic Plan,” was adopted, and it was agreed that it would be a living document for the purpose of keeping the Council on track, and measuring performance.

A review of the Council future banking arrangements was started, to encompass, security, tariffs and interest rates, with the aim of obtaining the best deal possible for local tax payers without compromising security.

In order to comply with General Data Protection Regulations, Parish Councillors are to be given their own email addresses. This will not only give a more professional image, but would alleviate the possible seizure of Councillors private devices in the event of a “data subject access request.”

Confirmation was received from Peterborough City Council that a footpath south of the River Welland has been created to link up with the new Welland Footbridge when it is built.

The Parish Council was asked to support a request from Delaine Buses to improve bus stops in the Parish, and three new Bissell poles are to be erected on Route 203, financed by Lincolnshire County Council. A decision on whether to move three bus shelters to busier stops was deferred so that a comparison in costs can be made between moving the bus shelters and installing new ones. It may be possible that grants are available for the installation of new ones.

After a discussion about the new proposed development on land of Linchfield Road for 77 dwellings it was agreed to object to this application as an overdevelopment of the site, leading to problems with vehicular parking. It was also noted that the proposed cycle path running north to south was designated at 1.5 metres wide, instead of the recommended 2 metres, and no thought had been given to linking it up with existing cycle paths. It was also noted that the proposed open space in the development had been reduced by the erection of a telegraph pole with guides. Also there is nothing in the proposal about energy efficient measures.

Church Street Deeping St James was not designed for cars and lorries, and speeding is a particular problem in this area. The Council agreed to ask Lincolnshire Councillor Richard Davies Executive Councillor for Highways, and Transport to visit the area to advice on what can be done to address this problem.

The Chairman and Clerk were authorised to investigate, for clarification purposes, the ownership of, and the lease arrangements relating to the land currently used as the Deepings School Playing Field, and incorporates the Rugby Club, Bowling Club and AstroTurf.

The next full council meeting will be held on Thursday 26 September 2019, at The Institute, Deeping St James. Starting at 7.30pm, when the first half hour will be a public forum.

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